The World’s Languages

There are different languages spoken all throughout the world. In each continent and country, the language is different. In the United States for example, the Americans speak English while in Spain, they speak Spanish. Do you know how many official languages are being spoken worldwide? There are 7,097 languages spoken today. Though there are thousands of languages spoken today, the truth is that a third of the languages are now endangered. In fact, there are only 23 languages that account for more than half the population of the world.

Based on a survey conducted, 86% of the world’s population actually speak Asian or European languages. The continents such as Asia, Africa, and the Pacific are the regions where languages are concentrated. In Asia, there are 2,300 languages spoken including each region’s native languages. In Africa, there are 2,143 languages and in Pacific, there are 1,306 languages while 1,060 languages are being spoken in the Americas. When it comes to the total speakers by population, there are 4.015 billion speakers from Asia, 1.726 billion speakers from Europe, and 980 million speakers from Africa.

In the Pacific region, there are only 1,000 speakers each on average when it comes to those who speak Pacific languages together with North and South America. In Asia where there are 2,300 languages, a large number of the population speak Asian languages. While in Africa, though the number of their language is 2, 143, only 980 million speak African languages comparing to that of Asia. In the Pacific region most especially, though there are 1, 306 languages, very few speak those languages. It is the same with other regions.