The World’s Official Language

In each country, the people speak their native language as well as their official and national language. When it comes to the international language or the world’s official language, English is the most common and most spoken language in the world. In fact, there are 67 nations having English as their official national language. Next to English is French with 29 countries having it as their national language. This is why in many different countries, schools teach the English language which is the world’s first official language.

Most people living in Asian countries, European countries, African countries, and countries in the Pacific region can speak English fluently. Even in countries where the people never imagined of speaking a different language but only their language like South Korea now continue to learn the English language. In fact, many Koreans study abroad in order to learn English. In countries where the people could hardly learn to speak English also enroll in a college or university that teaches the language. It is a great advantage to speak English.

If a Chinese or Japanese person can speak English fluently, he can work as a translator or as a tour guide for tourists who are from the English-speaking countries. Anyone who is fluent in English can work as an English teacher in a country that needs teachers who can teach the language especially to young students. These days, many countries are recruiting fluent English teachers and it is one of the most in-demand job in the world.