Importance of Language

Each country use a national language or an official language. But in each region located in a particular country, the people speak their own native language. This is why all over the world, the number of languages spoken are too many. If we sum up all the languages spoken all throughout the world, both the national languages and the native languages, there are about 7,097 languages. Language is so amazing! Without it, it will not be easy to communicate with one another. We understand others through language.

In Africa, there are about 58 regions. Each region speak a different language. But to some who grew up in a region different from his own hometown can also speak and understand that region’s official language. The official language of Africa is Swahili but many of them can also speak English. So, the Africans can also communicate with English speakers. In the Americas, there are about 55 regions having different languages. In this continent, each country speak different languages such as English, Spanish, Dutch, and Portuguese.

In Asia, 53 different countries or regions speak different languages. But most countries in the continent can speak English. And in Europe, there are 50 different countries having different languages as well. There are about 24 official languages spoken in Europe. In the Pacific region, 26 countries speak different languages as their official language. Though each region differ in language, the use of the international language is a great help for all people to communicate with each other. And language itself is very important.